Knowledge Management

F3 Solutions applies science and engineering principles to deliver innovative solutions for knowledge management, providing customers with tools and information to enable better, quicker, more effective, and efficient decisions. Our team partners with customers to identify opportunities for improvement, leverage investments, align processes, and maximize accessibility to information as part of a knowledge management solution. This customized resource for comprehensive data provides user-friendly access with COTS products to integrate data from disparate database applications including legacy systems into a common environment.

F3 Solutions delivers faster and more accessible information through mobile and wireless solutions using tablets, notebooks, and other handheld pocket PC devices. We are experienced in designing these systems for independent and remote network applications that communicate with web servers through wireless communication.

F3 Solutions provides knowledge management solutions to effectively manage documents, Web content, records and digital assets to ensure distributed information is accurate, up-to-date and secure. We manage critical information and consistently deliver accurate and timely information. Our team incorporates mapping, spatial queries, and data visualization with geographic information systems (GIS) technology without the complexity or cost of a GIS system.