F3 Solutions applies science and engineering principles to deliver innovative solutions to achieve and sustain environmental compliance regarding federal, state, and local rules and regulations. Our team provides specialized research in areas such as environmental toxicology, air, water, waste, chemical and radiological constituents and tank management. We help clients maximize efficiency and achieve compliance with DoD, Air Force, national and international standards and specialize in supporting pollution prevention programs to reduce and prevent pollution at the source to reduce waste, facilitate recycling and support environmental management systems.

F3 Solutions provides a plethora of environmental compliance solutions. A sample listing is presented below:

• Air Emissions Testing and Modeling
• Air Quality Permitting and Compliance
• CERCLA Compliance Management
• Data/Records Management
• Compliance Audits and Inspections (ECAMP/ESOH)
• Environmental Management System (EMS) Implementation
• Hazardous Material/Waste Management
• Health & Safety
• Knowledge Management (GIS, IT, and Legacy Integration)
• NEPA Assessments
• RCRA Compliance Management
• SPCC Implementation and Training
• Water Quality Permitting and Plans